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29 March 2012 @ 10:10 pm
[Recording without being told, Kiriko's PDA is misbehaving again. Kiriko and his sister Yuri are sharing a quiet moment in his room, reading some books they took from the library. Growing tired, the boy yawns, approaching Yuri from behind and wrapping his arms around his sister’s neck in a sibling hug, his face half-buried in her thick hair. He sighs contently.]


[Moments pass, and Yuri’s long hair begins to irritate Kiriko, making his face itch. He idly starts playing with it, draping it over her opposite shoulder.]

Oneesan! Your hair is too long.

[Yuri pauses and almost sets aside her book when she hears that comment. The irony might be lost on him, but the timeline she’s remembering brings an amused smile to her face.]

It’s not that long. And I like it.

[Kiriko makes a face as Yuri’s hair starts spilling down her back again, and he begins the very worst attempt you’ve ever seen at braiding. Before long, the poor girl’s beautiful blond locks are in horrible knots.]

“Not that long?!” I don’t know what grew more: you, or your hair! [It seems he’s trying, now, to tie the braid at the top of her head in a bun. It falls down before long and Kiriko gives up.] Ugh! Women and their stupid hair! I’m glad I’m a man. I’ll never have to deal with this.

[And she tries not to laugh. She really, really tries. But it starts out as small giggles and snowballs into pealing laugher before she can stop it because it’s all just too funny. Goodness, Kiriko really has no idea about anything, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Yuri looks over her shoulder at him once she’s regained enough control to take a moment to breath and it takes everything not to lose it again.]

Never say never, Kiriko.

[With that she shifts her focus in detangling the mess that her hair has been twisted into. Fortunately years of practice make it that much easier to unknot the haphazard braid. Beside her, Kiriko's expression slowly turns to panic.]

Huh? What’s so funny? Yuri, what are you talking about?!

...Sis? Sis. Hey!

[And no one gets a chance to hear the reason, as his PDA stops recording.]
26 March 2012 @ 07:47 am

[ One might easily identify this as a sign of a new user -- and new arrival -- given the extended period of slow, confused exploration of the PDA's miniature keypad conducted in almost pitch darkness. But if one were to guess who, in the midst of a baffled adjustment to one's unfamiliar surroundings, would have time to sit down and play with a weird piece of technology, those who know the white-haired arrival might not have guessed Allen Walker.

But really, messing with this peculiar thing and indulging his passing curiosity is all that's standing between him and panic. It's a fine distraction, really.

One that loses its sparkle when what amounts to a very fancy, miniaturized typewriter offers absolutely no answers.

In his frustration, Allen vents his opinion where he thinks it won't matter. ]

clever, but it's still rubbish

[ And presses something that he'll later learn is called 'enter' in a unique method revealed by a brief clip of unintentional video recording; by way of the toe of his boot connecting with the device as a white-haired young man kicks it in a fit of pique.

He can't have kicked it too hard, nor has it landed against anything too unforgiving, as it's still running a few moments before the video cuts out. ]
25 March 2012 @ 05:54 pm
[When the feed comes on, it's because the device hit the ground, knocked from it's owner's pocket. At first, all that can be heard is the scuffling of boots and shoes followed by a few mumbled words. A kick to the device turns it over and Cross can be seen, dressed in his priestly guise, pinned against an alley wall by a gang of thugs.]

Come now boys... The Lord would not take kindly to this sort of treatment. You're all all ready headed down the twisted road of sin, do not add to your transgressions by attacking on of his servants.

[The largest of the four men, who Cross still towers over, puts a blade to the redhead's throat and mutters a Russian slur under his breath. Just as the blade starts to slide over his skin, four shots ring out and the thugs hit the ground. Cross slides Judgement back in its holster and runs his gloved fingers against his throat, frowning at the blood that smeared over the fabric.]

Damn it...

[The sound of sirens starts up in the background and Cross bends over, snatching up his communicator as he summons Maria, hiding himself from view just as police appear in the alley to investigate the shots.]
25 March 2012 @ 06:48 pm
It's sunny and beautiful today...anyone want to go for a walk with me? ...I'm kinda scared to go anywhere on my own, sunny or not, but I want to enjoy it while it lasts.
25 March 2012 @ 12:42 pm
If you want to enjoy the sun, I suggest doing it today.

It won't last.
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22 March 2012 @ 07:38 pm
[Video footage begins with a rich-looking woman, wearing an expensive designer jacket, gold earrings, silk stockings, and fancy heels. Her hair is tied back in a professional updo, and her cashmere coat is lined with real animal fur.

And her face is scarred with frostbite, her lips have been chewed apart, her legs are blue and bruised, her painted nails are all broken, and her jacket is spattered with a thick coat of caked-on blood.

She carries with her an ice axe, also caked with blood, held tightly to her chest by a thin hand. Her brown eyes light up with surprise as she stares at the screen.]


It works.

[She takes a breath, trying to calm down, not wanting to give herself a false hope. She covers her mouth with a trembling hand.]

...Anyone... Is this reaching anyone...?

Where... do I go...? Please... Shelter....

[Though her voice is emotionless, her stern expression breaks with quiet sobs as the video ends.]
16 March 2012 @ 12:19 pm
As of 12:00am on March 16th, the LIBRARY is now in ruins and will now be haunted with claw markings in some places.

This change is permanent.
15 March 2012 @ 03:14 pm
[When the feed clicks on it's falling down a set of stairs to the landing, camera pointed up. Lavi pauses on the stairs - a tower of books over his head in hand - and looks over his shoulder, frowning.]

Why did I put you on the top of the stack anyway? [Sighs and looks at the books in his hands then at the device.]

I'll come back for you, not like anyone's going to steal you.

[Walking up the stairs again and disappearing out of view.]
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15 March 2012 @ 11:50 am
As of 12:00am on March 15th, until 11:59, LIBRARY will be FULLY RESTORED as it was in 1897!

What's available: Books (history & recreational), news archives dating from 1860-1897, maps (1860-1897).
13 March 2012 @ 05:29 pm
[The feed comes on showing a glance at what looks like one of the churches. Klaud holds the communicator at eye level, deliberately to show her face. She glances away from the camera feed as her eye catches something off in the corner.]

It would seem I am not alone here.

[The video cuts out and resorts to text.]

My name is Klaud Nine, General to the Black Order. If possible I would like to know just how many people are here not of their own free will.

General Marian, I request audience with you. [SHE KNOWS YOU'RE HERE.]